The Positivity Diet

Day 15 pt. 2: Exercising Tips!

So, this post is basically piggy backing onto the last post, but this ones going to be about tips/rules to help you get started if you don’t normally exercise. 

"Rule #1: Is that you gotta have fun." (if you know where this quote is from then you rule. If not, you still rule.. but just a little less.. just kidding:) Choose a sport/physical activity that interests you. You probably have your moms/dads old exercise equipment like a treadmill or something, but I actually don’t recommend that. Running on a treadmill is BORING. You see the same things, you’re not going anywhere, or getting fresh air. 

I started doing Zumba for the Xbox 360! Probably not as effective as a real Zumba class but it’s so fun and I sweat buckets. 

Rule #2: Create a pattern/routine that includes exercise. Note: You don’t have to exercise everyday unless you want to. I believe the recommended amount of exercise is like, 3-4 times a week for 1 hour, or if you do it every day, 30 minutes. You need to schedule time in your week to exercise and you need to keep it repetitive. So your body gets used to it. 

Rule #3: If your a beginner, start lightly. Especially if you decide to start lifting weights. You don’t wanna pull anything or hurt yourself because obviously it’ll hurt, but also, you’ll have to stop exercising until you’re healed.

Rule #4: STRETCH! Before AND after. loosen up them muscles, friends. Prevent injury.

Rule #5: EXERCISE PLAYLIST! Include motivational songs, and ones that make you wanna move. 

Rule #6: HAVE FUN! that’s the only way you’ll want to continue. 

Congrats on your way to success.

-k. :)


Believe it or not, exercise is KEY to staying positive. It’s been scientifically proven (I think). It has to do with some type of organ releasing endorphins that make you have feels of goodness. 

Ask me, I’m a doctor. 

Anyhoot, all jokes aside, just like a diet, exercise is half the battle. You need to exercise to tone your body when you’re losing weight. You don’t want flabby skin hanging around right?

Think about it this way, when you feel good about yourself, you have a better chance of being positive. It’ll come easier to you. With your brain releasing endorphins paired with an active body, you got it made. Plus, you’ll look good. ;) 

When something doesn’t go your way, go out for a walk. Or run. It’s that simple. 

Put on your sweat bands and leg warmers amigos. LETS DO IT.

-k. :)


On a hiatus until after I graduate. :)
I hope to post soon after that. Sorry for the wait.

I really hope you guys are staying positive! :)


Hello everyone!

What do you do to stay positive?

Please, if you have any cool tips, or advice, feel free to leave a comment here or in my ask box. :)

Day 14: Take deep breaths.

How many times have people told you to take a deep breath whenever you get anxious or angry? A bahjillion times, right? And it never works, right?


I guarantee you that if you learn how to take deep breaths the correct way, then it will help you calm down. And notice I say “breaths,” as in, plural. I believe that taking more than one deep breath is essential.

In order to take a deep breath correctly you must relax your shoulders…You may notice that when your stressed, you body tenses up, especially around the shoulders… close your eyes… when you inhale, breath in through your nose, and imagine/picture your lungs filling up with air, notice your rib cage expanding… then as you exhale slowly through your mouth, picture the air leaving your body..

now rinse, and repeat. About 5 times at least

Except of course you’re not rinsing. Just breathing. 


Life’s better with a little sugar :) #inspiration #positive #advice


Life’s better with a little sugar :) #inspiration #positive #advice

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